Avada WordPress Theme Review

avada wordpress theme review

The Avada WordPress Theme Review: Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been shopping for a premium WordPress theme for your site, then you’ve likely come across the Avada theme. It’s the #1 selling theme on Themeforest, a popular theme marketplace.

And it’s not difficult to see why: it’s a multi-purpose theme that looks slick, loads fast and seems to be able to do almost anything. The only question here is: does it do all those things well?

Nothing’s worse than choosing a theme that can do everything, and the one thing you need it to do (let’s say, for example, e-commerce) it doesn’t do very well at all. So we’ve decided to take the WordPress theme through the wringer. We’ll test out the various pre-set templates and report them back to you.

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The Basics:

Overall, Avada is a fast theme. That’s why it ranked #1 in our rundown of the fastest WordPress themes. First off you’ll be asked to choose between ‘wide’ and ‘boxed’ layouts. We tend to prefer the Boxed look on most WordPress themes, since it keeps the pictures and text in straight lines down the page. But the Wide layout on Avada works with most colors. The wide layout looks natural and the whole website is simple, sleek and cool from the top to the bottom.

Testing Out Templates #1: Avada Cafe

avada cafe theme review
We toyed around the with the Avada Cafe template to see how well it would actually work for an actual working coffee shop or bistro restaurant.
The Good First off, the menu is great: you can essentially fill in the titles and descriptions and voila! You have a menu. You can easily change it as you change the menu itself. The back-end experience of editing the cafe template is simple and intuitive. Even though none of us had worked at a restaurant, we had no problem

The Bad: Logo space. The space for a cafe’s logo works best with square-logos of a certain shape. Is your cafe’s logo rectangular? Well that’ll take some coding to make your logo work with the theme.

Testing Out Templates #2: Classic Shop

avada classic shop theme review
A look at the Classic Shop front page and included mega-menu.

Avada’s classic shop theme is probably the highest quality template they have. Seriously. The theme is beautiful, quick, and integrates with Woocommerce seamlessly. If you’re opening an online e-commerce store, it might give you a reason to stay away from Shopify.

The Good: – Three main things stand out: 1) the speed of the e-commerce store is super-quick (an important factor in customer conversion rates), 2) the mobile version of the site was well done, and 3) the store works well with affiliate products, in addition to your own products.

More Templates Coming Soon…

Summing it up:

Right now the Avada Theme is the best WordPress theme available to buy for beginner to intermediate WordPress users. It has all the features you would want in a professional looking site, and in addition it also makes your site zip along as if it were a bare-bones theme.