Best WordPress Web Hosting & Good SEO Tactics

Today we wanted to cover two topics: What is the best hosting provider for a WordPress website, and what are the best SEO tactics? For the latter question, you really need to make sure that you do things properly to avoid your website getting penalized and dropped from the search engine ranking pages. Generally, the tactics that work for Google will also work for the considerably smaller but still somewhat relevant search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Our Favourite WordPress Web Hosting Provider

There are a lot of good web hosts out there for people looking to host a WordPress website, some even specialize in pretty much just WordPress hosting. We find that while they do a great job of it, their prices are a little high when compared to other hosting providers that have a broader service offering. Our personal favorite for WordPress web hosting is A2 Hosting. We even found some great coupons for them at Why are they are our favourite host when it comes to WordPress? It comes down to speed. Their servers are very fast, and you can pay a little extra per month to upgrade to a ‘Turbo Server’ for even more speed. One complaint I hear about WordPress sites is that they can be slow (although I would argue that this is usually due to unnecessary plugins that either load a bunch of external scripts or put the database size out of control). With A2 Hosting, your site will always be fast so it’s not an issue.

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SEO Tactics: What Not to Do

Sometimes to understand what one must do, it’s a good idea to weed out what not to do first. There is nothing people hate more than a spammer and if you are not sure whether or not you are spamming when trying to create backlinks, you should read this article and make sure that you get back on the right track again before you hurt your online business.

What is SEO Spam?

SEO spam is when you are so focused on generating your own unnatural backlinks to rank high in the search engines that you completely forget to actually add value to the community. Your main goal becomes to sell and earn money, and you therefore lose focus on what your readers want.

List of Spammy SEO Behavior

Forum Spamming
If you are spamming the forums, you need to stop right away. Forums are made for people to share knowledge and get answers to questions that they have. If you are just filling the forums with your URL and sales pitch, you will most likely get banned from the forum and people will think you are a sleazy sales person. Remember that people do not like false and commercial businessmen but prefer real human beings, who put the needs of the customers before their own. So try instead to participate in the forum conversations and share your knowledge while you are helping people. This will make people appreciate you and trust you.

Spammy Comments
You have probably at some point read the comments for some YouTube video and then stumbled over a totally irrelevant comment saying something like, “Learn how I make $500 each day on the Internet. Just visit my channel if you want to start earning money online”. These types of comments are extremely spammy and you will probably make a lot of people angry by doing this. So if you are going to comment on a video, blog post or website, make sure you actually have something important to say.

Splogs are the shortened term for spam blogs. Splogs are mainly used for generating backlinks to some other website or money site and are not adding any value to the community what so ever. The owner of these splogs will create blog posts that are short and filled with links.

Spun Articles
Spinning articles is a black hat SEO tactic and something you should avoid if you want to do SEO the right way. When you are spinning articles, you are basically creating multiple versions of the same article and then submitting them to different article directories. This way of doing SEO may have worked fine back in the days, but today Google has become much more aware of this tactic, and what once gave you a high ranking in the search engines will now hurt your ranking and maybe even bring you a penalty.

So that’s what not to do, next time we’ll talk about what valid and useful methods you can use to help your website rank better in search engines. For now just remember that the best method is always to be helpful and offer quality content. People are most often searching for solutions to a problem online, try to provide them.