12 Essential Websites Web Designers Must Know

As a web designer, there are going to be various websites that you really should know about that will just make your job that little bit easier. You see, you will be aware of this particular industry being ever changing and that in itself poses a few problems. However, by keeping a close eye on these websites listed below it should, hopefully, make things go more smoothly than before. If you are looking for software discounts then follow this link.


  1. TopRatedCompanies.com

This is an absolutely essential list of the top-rated web hosting companies. They use data-based assessments of website speed, uptime and customer service responsiveness in assessing whether a hosting company is actually good…or just looks good from the outside.

2. DomainDiscountCodes.com

You can get your domain name for under a dollar, and yet most people will end up paying anywhere between $10-$20 per year. You can set up a site for your client for super-cheap if you utilize their coupons.

3. Stackoverflow.com

This is a website that is primarily for programmers but it is also a question and answer website that is completely free to sign up for. By joining, you can get help on any areas that you are perhaps stuck on as it is full of fellow designers who may just have the answer that you are seeking.

4. Moz.com

Moz.com is focused on SEO and as a web designer, it is important that you are kept up to date with the latest changes to the world of Search Engine Optimization. This particular website has its own blog that is crammed full of tips and tricks that you might want to put into action and it also warns you against the things that you need to avoid doing as well.

5. Campaignmonitor.com

This website is perfect for any web designer that is being asked to set up an email campaign for a client. This site allows you to not only set up the campaign but to then monitor it and view statistics on how well it is doing. It does cost money, but we are talking about a minimal amount and the ease with which you can use it makes it a bargain.

6. Delicious.com

Delicious.com is useful for bookmarking and then tagging websites that you think are going to be useful at some point in the future. You can search according to various terms and it just makes life easier for you then finding them whenever you need to do so.

7. Fonts.google.com

If you are looking for that perfect font for your design then one of the best places to look is this part of Google. Not only is it home to so many fonts that it will be so difficult to choose, it also tells you how it impacts on the loading times of the page. This is going to become one of the most highly prized websites that you will end up using.

8. Iconstore.co.

The reason for using this website is pretty self-explanatory when you look at the name. This is an amazing source for icons that can be used for either professional or personal use and there is no reason to attribute them to anybody. It is completely free and there are thousands of icons available which does make life so much easier compared to searching around constantly for them.

9. Vectr.com

Once again, this website gives the game away with its name as it is a free resource that allows you to create your own vector graphics without running into too many problems. You can use it either online or there is a downloaded version and with a straightforward interface, it can certainly become a rather useful resource.

10. Pond5.com

This website is a stock footage website that has music, images, videos and so much more. There are a number of similar websites out there that follow the same lines but this has become one of the most popular and it is also very easy to navigate as well. If you are looking for images for a design, then websites such as this one are key.

11. Webdesignerdepot.com

This is not just a blog, it is also going to provide you with various links to deals for fonts and a whole host of other rather useful things. It can be a wonderful source of inspiration as it also tells you what the latest trends are and this can certainly help you with your design ideas.

12. Smashingmagazine.com

Finally, this is another web design blog that has managed to make a real impression on the world of web design. It is recommended by so many people thanks to the impressive array of information and useful links that are on there that this should really become your main news site for the industry.

Now, there are so many other websites out there that are extremely useful but we have tried to give a selection across the board to just let you see the range of things that you should be checking out as a web designer. Perhaps the main thing is that you are not alone when it comes to web design as there are so many useful resources out there for you to use.